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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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Jennifer Grappone

HAAAAAA! Oh my GOD. Best story ever.

John Moss


No one writes with a truer voice to all of our inner demons than you. No one!



I can just visualize all of this. Great writing. You are soooooooooo funny. Your stories make my day.


There. Now Claire only has 99 more fans than she does.


I'd like to see that one illustrated. By Eric Carle, with those paper cut-outs. Seriously. I would.

Dawn Davenport

I love a good story with a moral..this one must true to your hunger..and you're dreams will come true. Snaps for losing that weight girl.

Mary Ann

I would push the 'like' button, but my fingers are too messy with all the guacamole on them, because I ate the whole bag of chips but still had some dip left and didn't want it to go to waste; and my other hand is greasy from all the cookie dough that got left in the mixing bowl from the cookies I was baking and I couldn't let all that butter clog up my drain.


Indeed, we hate Jennifer and Valerie and Jared. And uh uh, we are not the least bit jealous.

Sue Raffetto

Ann - I am typing this with chicken grease on my hand - because yeah I suck and the kids don't like my cooking so they get Albertsons chilcken legs - I only buy the legs 0 thats all they will eat - So therefore that is what I am eating and reading your posts. I love your posts and they are soooo true to my world. I keep hoping that I wake up and the last 20 years didn't really happen and that I'm leaving in FLorida wit my very rich husband but No I wake up to my boys asking what is for breakfast. I keep telling them cereal but they don't want that and don't eat and the next thing I know they are trying to kill each other so I make a real breakfast do landry get them dressed and out the door then go to work and wonder if this is really Gods punnishment to me for not helping my mom out - Anyhow, sorry for the ramble ( it had to go somewhere). I hope that Robin had managed to get out of the basement and things are looking better - . Hope you have a good weekend - O have to go and stop THEM from killing each other - I Just don't have the enegery to clean up the mess if they do each other in - you have to love 11 AND 14 YEAR OLD BOYS.

Vegetable Assassin

Come on, any day you don't feel like eating about 80% of the time is a day wasted, really. But just think of all the calories you used up typing all those words. I hear it's about 200 calories PER WORD. You'll be supermodel skinny by now.


Eric Carle, eat your heart out! Oh wait. How many calories does a heart have??


Hi Ann,
Oh lovely lady that I ran into again in the Safeway liquor (I mean deli) aisle. We can all totally relate to your pain. I was actually trying to secretly buy a bottle of wine for myself because every muscle in by body was sore from trying to do those rediculous P90X DVD's. In my mind I am 29, but my 50 something peri-menopausal body knows better! So good to see you again...we love you! Hang in there!

Shaving Sets

Lol...what a story here...It made me laugh out loud while reading this..

essay writing

Angelidakis describes Athens as a split city, divided between a glorious past made of severe proportion and strict rules and a present peppered with architecture that is wild, added-in, incomplete, interrupted and non-designed, as is so obviously visible in its crowded streets.


Make sure she cleans the den carpet before guests arrive.

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