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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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John Moss

If you give a mouse a cookie...


You start my day off with so many laughs. I love your rantings and ravings. You truly are a gifted writer.

Laura Brown

Shout out from your newest fan! I just discovered you this morning while googling for ideas that might inspire my 13-year-old son to develop intrinsic motivation to be quiet in 2nd period. A tall order I know. Anyway, I just came back to your site a few minutes ago, read this post and am wondering how you've been stalking me from Oregon when I am in North Carolina. Based on this post, you obviously are filming me and have some sort of technology that allows you to read my thoughts. Sure, you changed some details here and there, but I recognize myself in this post! :-)

Seriously, you are incredibly funny and a very good writer. I also appreciate your parenting philosophy & perspective. Great stuff!


Yep. I found everything half-done this morning--the laundry, the dishes, my emails, everything. And I thought, "Why didn't I finish doing stuff?" And then I found the cat litter the dogs had dumped everywhere. And I realized I will never ever finish anything useful for the rest of my life.




My best reason for not doing housework is this: when I am lying on my deathbed (yeah, the one with unvacuumed cat fur on the comforter and maybe a dozen tissues in various states between the mattress and the box spring) I am NOT going to think: "Oh, shit, I just wish I hadn't let so many dishes air-dry as opposed to towel-drying them," or, "If only I had spent more time cleaning the grout on the kitchen sink," or, "If I had another life I would spend more time dusting behind furniture that no one will ever move."

However, if I were to do all the housework that I ignored, I would most likely regret NOT doing all the things I could have been doing INSTEAD of the housework. It's simple math.

I have a correlate concerning food. I figure if I get hit by a car, I don't want to be lying in the street, thinking, "Shit, I could have been eating bacon after all."

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