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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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I am with you on this one Ann. I love my bed and jammies but since I now have tremendous back issues from laying in my bed with laptop I need to sit up more and in another room with a desk. I don't like it at all. aI don't cook as it is just me. I go out a lot and bring home leftovers and occasionally I will surprise myself with cooking. I just made pumpkin muffins from Trader Joe's (like home cooking) that I add chocolate chips too. Also, a meal for me can be a tortilla cooked on the stove with cheese, whatever luncheon meat I have around and microwave for the last melting. Even when my kids were home they got a lot of breakfast stuff for dinner, challah bread french toast and grape nuts with milk. My oldest one married a woman who loves to cook and bake. My other son and his wife are not thrilled with cooking at all and since their daughter needs to be gluten free they make a lot of things that work for her. Or they go and buy stuff that works for all of them. I have to go out so it is necessary to get off my bed (laptop on my lap) and go to a play.

Margaret Murphey

I can't wait for a dinner invitation! But do I really need ton then cancel? Where's the fun in that? Hysterical, as always, Ann <3
oh wait, that doesn't make a heart like on FB. ;(


You make me laugh, snort and pee my pants. Simultaneously. Thank you.


should i send you a care package?

Claudia Reilly

Very funny. Why is it food from a restaurant delights in a way that our delicious home cooking does not?

And I loved your line "How proud my parents must be to read this. All the piano lessons, the museums, trip. College."

Today I thought to myself, "Not only do I like staying home, but I basically like staying on the first floor. Why didn't I buy a ranch house?"


Time to meet once again in the Safeway wine aisle so you can wash down all that dry freezer food! Also, didn't you know, a full freezer is the new status symbol?

Marla Miller

RE: I decided that if I had to make one more chicken, I was going to oil and salt my own head and stick it into the oven.

OMG, read that line and signed up! more please...:)
Marla, aka, your facebook buddy

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