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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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debbie robinson

i get in my pj's everyday after work at 4pm - is there something wrong with that? if so, i don't give a shit!

Gail Feinstein

I got you beat, honey. If we are not going to go out of the house in the nighttime, which is most nights, BTW, I get into my sleep clothing at 2:30 whenever I get home from work. And I have tons of big windows. If the doorbell rings, I ignore it. UPS can just leave whatever it is on the damn porch. So there, don't you feel guilty. Sleep clothing and no bra is payback for having to put up with the rest of the world the rest of the time, I figger.


I am in my jammies most days as I work at home. If I run errands in the morning I shower and put on makeup and then when I get home around 2pm I put on jammies. If I don't go out until late afternoon I am in my Jammies until I get dressed to go out. My neighbors have seen me more in my jammies than close. I do pick great PJ's to wear and some I can wear out to my trainer or to walk in my neighborhood. I try to do my hair and I always brush and floss. Loved the story Ann.


I say save your clothes for when it counts.


sometimes, my school has pajama day...


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