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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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Funny. I love your words and I even learned a little history today.


A great quote and idea. I wonder if Philo was always kind or if he just wanted the rest of us to be kind. And interesting to think about BC and BCE. I think BIMDT is pretty funny too.


Irritatingly enough, for those of us who'd rather not judge time by Jesus, the year 0 in BCE-CE time is the same as the year 0 in BC-AD time. So it's just a name change and not anything really meaningful. It does save you from having to constantly convert years from AD-CE and all, but I wish we could actually make things stop revolving around Jesus rather than just using a better-sounding name.

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