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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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the best. ever.


Annie is quite correct. Your finest effort and my ongoing experience.


This one left me with tears streaming down my face.


This is a subject close to my heart. I go to a shop where their specialty is selling bras. Not cheap ones but ones with substance and comfort and made to fit older, larger breasted women. I had a reduction and according to my new bras I am a 36 E, F. G or H. These are not usually in regular department stores. They lift, they tuck in the sides and there is no skin overlapping anywhere. They are each between $80 to $100 dollars a piece but fabulous. Great styles, good colors and sexy. Here are some of the ones I have bought Fantasie, Chantelle, Panache Superbra, Before reduction was a 38 c or d (Probably much bigger and just wore department store bras). Now at first 34, now 36, e,f,g,h,i.
But I look good and clearly am now a bra expert. So I wanted to pass this on to you. Find a specialized store with bubbes in it for bras. My store is more hip and the people younger but they have been there for years. They measure you and then help you learn how to put your breasts in a bra by lifting and pulling and fixing. I am a believer. Can you believe you know someone who is now a bra expert? Great blog today.


I think Madge is right about how the secret to the perfect bra is the specialty bra store (usually not Victoria's Secret but a non-chain bra store). But the scary thing about a bra store is they talk about the scariest thing on the planet:

Back fat.

They say, "This bra looks GREAT on you. No visible back fat."

I didn't know I had back fat until I found a bra that hid it.


Hysterical, but I feel your pain. I had ongoing bra battles and an ever growing bra collection in an effort to win the battle. The reduction has helped eliminate most of the annoyance. You might try Soma in washington square or Just Like A Woman Specialty Lingerie on hwy 43. FWIW - Soma has the best PJs ever!!

Diane Hulme

Once again you have brightened my day! There is nothing like a good laugh and you are the one to deliver the goods, every time. This foray of yours is once again proof that getting old is not for sissies and you have nailed another reason why.

Dawn Davenport

I get my bras at Vicky's place..they seem to fit ok. The last time I went in a saleswoman accosted me and ignored my evasive moves, my "No thanks but thanks anyway," "Please get the fuck away from me!" pleas.
She had that tape measure wrapped around me before I could get away, declaring my size and grabbing several styles and colors. Pushy bitch, they fit better than any I'd gotten in years. I reluctantly thanked her and mumbled that she was right about everything.

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