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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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I thought you would have said leave Robin home and you go to a hotel. You are funny even in illness and you know humor is the best medicine. I hope Robin appreciates your humor, he must, it has been thirty years. I totally get the dilation and I would have withheld something long enough for that apology to come before 1 day or so after the terrible infraction. You are a better person than I and of course you have more patience. He will say it I know but it has been good for twenty five year so why miss up a good argument by apologizing. I am holding Robin in the light and can't wait for that anniversary celebration.


I love this. Even through illness, you find humor.

Barbara Weismann

That was hysterically funny and beautiful at the same time. Much love to you both!



Hi Ann, Editor of The Next Family here. Because I get to read your blogs (and edit them, although they never need it) before they post on TNF, I never have made the time to visit your Strangemom site. I love this one. I have been thinking about Robin and how he's doing and although you must HATE this, it made me cry. Of course I laughed; you're always hysterical, but the love between you guys got to me. My husband (of only 11 years) used to like to pull my pants down as I walked up the stairs too. I think he stopped around year 3 when I tried to KICK HIS ASS because I was PMS-ing or something and just not in the mood for that shit. Here's to 30 more years for you guys!

smartass michelle

That was really beautiful. xo

Diane Hulme

I'm glad Robin has you at his side, or not, as in this case, through this cancer recovery journey. Here's to another 30 years indeed. Love you guys.

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