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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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I got nothin'


I am speechless as well.


Ditto. But yes, totally Trophy.

The Vegetable Assassin

I was just sitting down to enjoy an afternoon coffee and procrastinate some more with some new blogs to read, when I read this and now I can't put anything in my mouth at all without Alex Trebek's penis popping up (as it were). No one needs to see the Trebek's manroot in their mind's eye as they're about to swallow. No one. And I've seen some disturbing things in my time. Paris Hilton's vagenie, Charlton Heston old and demented as shit waving a big gun around, Dog the Bounty Hunter...

Yet I am strangely intrigued by anyone who conjures up such a thing as the penis de Trebek. Therefore, I think I like you! I hope you don't mind the comment. I'm rude like that. Show up uninvited and butt in. A bit like Alex Trebek's penis. Allegedly.

smartass michelle

OMG!! "Manroot"?! The Vegetable Assasin is my new hero. Who uses that word in polite conversation anymore? Hilarious.

I can't help but think I helped inspire the whole "Suess" thing, so I say go for it! Play it out further than my, "I did not like it in the dark", or at least rap it, set it to a beat and post a video on YouTube! That shit is the Fastpass to stardom. Or so I've heard.



How about a book on parenting called "Where I am because of his penis." :)


ler todo o blog, muito bom

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