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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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Love it..I'm telling the story of Chanukah to 1st graders tomorrow morning and so glad to have new material since they all heard it last year in Kindergarten! :)

Karen Jackson

Maybe they were just cheering for their favorite singer/songwriter "Ben Dover." I heard he was really popular on the prison circuit, circa 1977. His hit "Hanukah in the Big House" is a classic.


I am laughing as I read this blog. Your stories are amazing and I can just visualize it all. Thanks for the laughs.

John Moss

Ann, this is wonderful. This needs to be submitted for broader publication.

john doe

Ok really This was the best ...i pissed myself (3) times..I can't stop laughing and i know this story.

David Besbris

The live recording of this--"Correctional Training Facility Jews"--is still today considered the best album of its kind. With hits like "Lockup Latkes," "Antiochus is my Punk," Dreidel Shank" and the aforementioned "Hanukah in the Big House," the magic of this live concert is available to everyone, cons and moms alike.

Susan Cecil

Oh my G-d , i never laughed so much, that is what i miss so much about you Ann, brilliant work!1! Loved seeing the comments by john, how i miss my dear dear friends!!! And the cowbell, well that reminds me of the very best times with you and Robin going to Costco and eating everything in sight!!11

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