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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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Once, a friend of mine started her Christmas letter like this:

"I got a divorce and really got screwed financially and my mom fell down a flight of stairs and almost died. For three days she lay unconscious. If her basement hadn't flooded, she would have died. As it was, she lived on the rain water until her 90-year-old neighbor decided something was wrong and..."

It was the most amazing, BEST Christmas letter ever. I showed it to my spouse and said, "Don't you think this is great?" He was horrified and said Christmas letters are SUPPOSED to be cheerful and upbeat. But I still think about it, two years later.


I have often thought about sending out an end of the year letter that is all about awful things that happened to me, my family, my friends but have never done it. Every year when I get those letters I start to write my awful letter, then I think I should embellish and totally lie and then make a mystery out of my musings, then I decide it isn't worth the effort so I don't do it. I feel like you do Ann. Happy New Year.


Actually, if you look to the left you have 564 fans. This is the best
Christmas letter I have read yet. We found lost Ken yesterday when we tore apart my daughter's room looking for all the other lost toys. He's kinda like an apple core and he was under the bed.

Jo-Ann Moss

Who needs letters when we've got the delightful narcissism of ... facebook!

I despised all Christmas letters this year. Didn't even open a few of them for days. As always, you know da pulse of da people, Ann.


S/he does not want us to exfoliate on the Sabbath. S/he wants us to watch TV or read a damn book. That's all. I know this because I speak directly to her/him.
Oh...Happy New Year.


Funny JoAnn...I too was thinking that the narcissism of FB parallels with that of the Christmas letters!


In fact, I think you should send a mid-year letter about how awful things are. Why does it have to be at Christmas time? Why isn't a 6 month accomplishment list sufficient? Then you can revel on how you will take the next 6 months to turn things around, when in fact, you don't.

Give the people what they don't want. :)

smartass michelle

Broke a rib,dear friends are divorcing,both kids and husband in therapy for anxiety,I'm drinking too much and my friend's husband got cancer. Happy f-in New Year!!

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