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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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I want a yurt with a private bathroom. Communal living's all fine and everything but I need my own toilet.


I think we need bats, too. they eat like 1,000 mosquitoes per hour or something like that. if we are going to be naked, we have to get rid of the mosquitoes. so, we need to make some bat houses....i'm all over it.


One of the hippie households I lived in included a housemate who had a job making parts for stuffed animals, on a per-part commission, so the living room was often bedecked with a clothesline full of otter paws and such. If such an opportunity comes up at Yurtopia, I volunteer to be in charge the Faux Animal Parts Task Force.


I can tie-dye with the best of them. Not really fancy but the old rubber band wrap around the cloth type of tie-dye. My kids grew up wearing my creations and they were cuter for it. I need my own bathroom and single yurt as well.

Naming should not be so important as to warrant a private bathroom, in this new age you speak of so humorously. But the guitar guy would.... I wanna be the "guitar guy" on a mandolin. I stink and it is going out of tune any how. Funny Stuff

Karen Jackson

My yurt will also need a jacuzzi and a large flatscreen TV with HD programming. And the full cable package. Actually, I think that everyone in the 'mune should have a TV so that we can have lively, educated discussions/debates about the programs we watch. For instance,I would love to dissect a good "House" episode with like- minded friends, or make a case for why i think the Bachelorette sent home the wrong guy. Peace.

Karen Jackson

Appropos of my cable comment above: if the commune is located in the Portland metro area, we could call it CommuneSpan. ( Portland folks will get the reference)...

Karen Jackson

Or is it CommuCast?

Karen Jackson

Ann, if I knew how to edit my comments after I post them, I would not take up so much space in the Comment line. However, this way it looks like more folks are commenting (Karen Jackson is a VERY common name) so I guess it looks good for the ratings.

Karen Jackson

That's all I have to say.


I want my yurt next to Karen's yurt. Maybe she'll invite me over. I love to talk about House.


So many Karen Jacksons in America. How are we going to keep them all straight in Yurtopia?

Bee keeping has become THE rage in Cincinnati. A friend called me last year weeping because his bees drowned. Apparently, they drown easily. My friend feels like a murderer. Personally, I was kind of glad when they died because I'd go to his house and he'd suddenly suggest we all go look at the bees and it was kind of boring admiring the bees.

Bucket Trucks

Omg your blog is freakin so funny. I got a visual of the guitarist in the corner play stairway to heaven. You got bees? Isn't that dangerous?


I actually wanna go trick or treatin w. my girlfriend (First & last), then spend thanksgiving together, then christmas, then newyear's^__^


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