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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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Dammit, he DOES have all the luck!


Also, I just saw that today is National Nacho day and I think I need to celebrate.


Can't stop laughing about "Robin lost 8 pounds. He has all the luck."
Thank God I can still laugh without needing a Serenity Pad.


Isn't there a saying for this?.."Feed the cancer patient's concerned spouse, starve the cancer patient." I've always been one who looks at any disease or illness as a glass half full..resultant weight loss makes it all worthwhile. Did you get the Swine flu?.."Yes, but I lost 20 pounds."

Colin Summers

I think you're making a big mistake here. I've thought about it some. Looked at the options. I hope you HAD options. It's the chocolate rugelech you want, not the cinnamon.

I feel disaster can be averted next time.

Dr. Strangemom

Uh Colin, ix-nay on the innamon-cay uggelech-ray. Your ister-say ent-say em-they oo-tay ee-may.


I assume this is still a flashback or are we in current time. Did Robin just have 10 hours of surgery and I didn't understand what date and time this happened or it is in real time. Either way I hope he is doing fine and fully recovered if in the past and if in real time he still is okay and recovering. Please let me know.


Okay I went back and I think I thought it was past tense because you mentioned 1957 but now I realize this could be happening now. Please advise. I would hate to think he is having surgery now and I didn't comment and wish him well. My bad.


Wishing Robin a speedy recovery.


In your case, FML stands for "Feed me lunch!"

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