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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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Hnh, would you let me and my kids come to your house when you're not there? I doubt it. And I don't have a vomiter.


from a Southern Jewish Bell---that was one awesomely told story! And for the record our school is for a second time in the last 4 weeks having another fucking event on a Friday night-sponsored by the PTA to which I donate money to every year on behalf of 3 children. We are skipping that next school event and will be at temple-um yea, so there's one pew that will not be empty-points?!


I think that you have people who have never said "fuck" saying, "fuck" way more just from reading your blog. You should be proud. And btw, this one...fuckin' great.


I love it.


First, I don't think there are pews in a temple. There are only seats. I love your black friend story as it is so f........... funny. I still can't get over that you are a cantor and religious person. How do you tone it down on f.... when you are with the kids? Also do your own adult children talk shit like you do? Love the blog.

ali ham

What WOULD Wade do? Can we start a bumper sticker brigade? I am pretty sure he is not organizing PTA events on Fridays (oops, sorry) or wondering how to respond to something so funny and worthy of a response at least HALF as clever but will not get anywhere close.

And by the way, Madge, she doesn't tone it down for the kids. Ask my now 5 year old who, at 2, liked to say "for fuck sakes!". (She didn't learn it from me, i swear!)

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