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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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The only reason the Christians have all the cool accessories for their winter holiday is because they stole it all from us pagans, and you can too! Here, have this tree, these stars, some reindeer and other nice animals, some of whom can talk or bring you presents. Have this yummy flaming punch, a chocolate cake shaped like a log, and a bunch of mistletoe so you get kissed a lot. Sprinkle everything in glitter, of course. You're welcome.


You drove into a meridian? What the hell is a meridian? I know what a median is, but I'm guessing a meridian has something to do with Bulgarian folk music or maybe The Cancer.


doesn't a meridian have something to do with the earth and longitude? maybe we are always crossing meridians and you are the only one who remembers the "rule". you can have Christmas, by the way. can we swap for that super cool holiday where you eat outside?

Dr. Strangemom

Oh, right. What a boob I am.
I am not even going to fix it. I am that lazy.


Hey, Ann's right. Of course she's right. She's always right! It's called the meridian where I live here in the midwest:

Regional Note: The strip of grass dividing the opposing lanes of an avenue or a highway is known by a variety of terms in the United States. The most common term, used almost everywhere except westward from the Rocky Mountains, is median strip or median. In upstate New York it is also called a mall, and in Pennsylvania, a medial strip. In the Midwest the strip is also known as a meridian or a boulevard. In Louisiana and southern Mississippi the term used is neutral ground.

Dr. Strangemom

Thus spake Claudia.
Evidently, I am not a boob.
At least, not about that.


Funny you should mention the paper hanging off the dining room light fixture because that exact paper caught fire at one of my Hannukah parties and I had to take the tablecloth and put out the fire. I am feeling the same way as I just went into Target and there are literally rows and rows of Christmas fare and two shelves of Hannukah stuff. Same at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Oh to be Jewish and constantly fighting for our status.

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