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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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thank god the computer i'm using isn't far from the bathroom...


I am laughing because I had the bladder sling put in a couple of years ago. It helped for the peeing when I laughed or coughed but eventually urgency finds its way in. I usually get it when I am at my front door. So weird so I try to go in the backdoor and that works. This article just made me laugh. I am sure not a living soul knew this about me until I told. Why do they make it so commercial?
About having your own space. I remember when I first got married and we lived in a studio and the only way to get away was in the bathtub with no water. I would close myself in and read right in the tub fully clothed. I figured my husband at the time could pee in the sink in the kitchen if truly there was a need. When I dropped my kids off to college in other states my ex and I went and stayed together in a hotel (real fun-not)and went to movies and tried to kill time while my sons went to orientations and test taking. We ran around like crazy people buying stuff for their rooms. There was no bed, bath and beyond delivery to the store nearest the college when ordered online or in the store nearest your home. We became sherpas' and were glad to be released a few days after arrival. I loved that my kids lived out of town when they married. I love to visit but I love to be home in my own space with NO ONE but me. My older son is moving right on my street but after all these years we have great boundaries. Thanks for the memories Ann and you got some of my to you.


I love the way you pull together two things -- female incontinence and kids going off to college -- in one hilarious blog.

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