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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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I am laughing so hard right now over the matching outfits. I, too would wonder how they happened by a fruit stand as they were working at 10:30 am. Having no idea what Robin does I still thought the whole story very funny. You rock.


I share your feelings about strawberries versus raspberries, blackberries do it for me too. I used to walk over the frozen lake to my best friend Joy's house, before we caught the bus to school, and we traded clothes. I was lucky, her's were nicer than mine, but at least mine were different I guess. Also, I would miss Erma more if it weren't for Claudia and you. She's the sweetness and light of Erma and you are her evil twin;)

Polly Pocket

Other than leaving me, regrettably, with the image of Robin in Saran Wrap-kind of like humming few bars of a Huey Lewis song in morning and seeing if their still trying to shake the refrain of "I want a new drug" at dinnertime- I thank you for the laughs... and the strawberries!

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