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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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Having done the exact same thing as The March of Dimes lady recently, I could not stop laughing. And yesterday (it appears from the package that arrived full of thank yous) I said YES! to being the American Cancer Society Lady. I'll have to tear open the envelope in a guilty month or two to find out the "suggested donation" for the 25 houses in my neighborhood.

Oh I must say (because I'd feel remiss and full of guilt if I did not) that I love your comment about how these days you are full of love for the parenthesis and falling out of love with the exclamation point.

I find on FB I use exclamation points to try to make what I wrote sound witty and lively (when it wasn't)!


You've done it again, Ann. Bravo (I have strong urge to use an exclamation point here).
I finally got up the courage to tell all of those MofD''s & ACS people that "Surely I can't be the only one on this street who can do this...please call someone else." I know that makes me a bad person, but I finally spoke the truth. And thus, got one more thing off my proverbial plate.
You're a better person than me, Ann Brown! (damn exclamation point)


The party one got me--I say "yes" to social engagements and will then do ANYTHING to get out of them. Doesn't matter if I know I'd have fun once I got there. I MUST ESCAPE. I'm a caged bird, baby. Ann, why are you so brilliantly funny? Why do you nail everything I think about but haven't thought about thinking about?


I say YES! to everything you've written. See you at the parenthesis...


I have learned to say no. I am 61 years old and enough is enough is enough with the yes. I love your writing and glad I found you first on Next Family.

Irene Dawn

Oh good, a problem I don't have. I always say no. Then, sometimes I come around and possibly say maybe. But first response is NO! I know that there's something wrong with me. Actually I know there's a lot wrong with me. I wonder why self-awareness doesn't make one a better person. I know I'm a bitch..but haven't the slightest idea how to stop being a bitch. Now that I'm constantly chatting online I have become a huge offender of overusing every single unit of punctuation...I do that a lot...the three periods...and OMG...I even overuse;))) WTF, how did I let this get so bad??!! Thank you for raising awareness about this problem...thank you for being hilarious!

David Besbris

I've learned to just say "nu?"


will you write a fucking book already??!!!!!!!! for serious.....


When it comes to hanging out with punctuation, I would probably steer toward the ellipsis... we would speak meaningfully... of deep and thoughtful things... and then we would be quiet for a while...

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