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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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This may be my favorite post yet. I laughed at every line. I have to share this one with everyone.


fuck, that's funny.


God, I love you.


I had the same reaction. First Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, now the Gores? Geez Louise, Al and Tipper, FORTY YEARS it takes you to decide you've "grown apart"?? Everyone grows apart in 40 years. It should just make you more fascinating to each other, because now you've got all these cool new interests the other one doesn't share. Never a dull moment at the dinner table! Add my name to that stern email, will you?


funniest stuff I have ever read. Been married 42 years and can so relate.

Gail Feinstein

I was very, very sad to hear about them breaking up after such a long run, as well. Probably you are right about them though, being insufferable about their individual causes. Thank G-d I am not into any expousing of causes and as long as my DH has his Blackberry or a computer in front of his face he is content. We will celebrate 33 years this year and if driving ourselves around Ireland didn't kill our union, nothing will.
BTW, you are so damn funny. Keep writing forEVER!!!!


Great stuff Ann. I totally agree about Al and Tipper. I can relate with the whole burrito while in labor thing too. When I was enduring my upteenth hour of labor, my beloved ate an apple and got a sliver of peel stuck in his teeth. So for the next 2 HOURS I get to endure him whining about it and even running out for dental floss. Seriously. Apple peel stuck in your teeth compared to 9 pound baby stuck you-know-where. Honestly what is wrong with them?

Lori Kirschmann

Great Stuff Ann! You dont even know how much I needed that laugh today. Thanks for the online therapy.

rachel klimke

I just read this to my senior homeroom. They were all staring at me wondering why I was laughing my ass off.


Gosh, when I read about your fabulous anniversary plans, I sort of wish I had more anniversaries. Probably I am the sort who would have stayed married to Al for 3 more decades even though I would have been bored to tears most of the time. Yes, I would have been Michelle to his Jim Bob (cf TLC)

john Doe

Actually I think it was time for the traditional marriage paradigm to be turned on it's head.

And what's so "wrong" about eating a burrito in the delivery room???? It's not like he was having the baby. God all you women are so Damn selfish. ME ME ME......was that you just wanted the burrito or what?

Al's very busy and Tipper is still using film in her cameras.

Really get a grip.

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