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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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Dr. Strangemom lives!!! Huzzah!! Let's see. What have you missed on FB. Claudia's cat (not the terminally ill one) vanished for days and everyone thought he was dead but he turned up fine. There was much rejoicing. There were 457 posts about your loser friends (like me) and their accomplishments on Farmville. Want a mystery egg? A collectible? No? The salon has been on hiatus pending your return. We are bereft without you. My status has actually been "I miss Dr. Strangemom." So there.

Come back to us soon, dear.


oh i found you!!!!! all is not lost... i will complain to the proper authorities once i figure out who they are... but right now i have to tell everyone i can that there is a new post.



Ann, this sucks! I missed your posts and went on a hunt. This happened to someone else I know on facebook and it all worked out eventually. Great blog post, though.


P.S. I mentioned your problem at facebook and told them to come here for details.


Gosh Ann, I hope when I sent Facebook the notice that the friend who ranks ahead of me in Pathwords is trying to destroy Facebook and has stolen millions of dollars from them they didn't take me SERIOUSLY.


I'm up in arms about you being on FB probation. I'm thinking abut going and toilet papering the FB home page. Everybody who wants to join me, come along. We'll sing; we'll sit in; we'll walk my dog.
Oh do hurry back, we miss ye.


I am about 97% sure that Erika will be having salmon tonight.

John Doe

I totally can relate...I was eighty-sixed from Starbucks. I can't even buy a decent cup of coffee now. I can't figure out how they know it is me. I haven't been served in thirteen states.

Who should I talk to about getting this snaction lifted? Do you know somebody that can help me Dr. Strangemom?
I am getting cranky without my caffine.

michelle minch

really? you bought girl scout cookies from someone other than my girls?! I will give you the evil eye for it next time I see you in temple or market of choice!


Wait, what? So sucks! Facebook is getting a little big for it's britches.

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