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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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I'm so terrified of rejection I avoid most social interaction. It's not such a great longterm strategy but I gave birth to a lot of kids to keep me company so it works out okay.

Karen Jackson

The way I see it, if you are feeling rejected, it nature's way of telling you that you care too much about what others think. I say, REJECT REJECTION! or maybe it's EMBRACE REJECTION!


Sorry, but I'm stuck on the image of you french kissing a very very dead Theodore Bickel.

dr. strangemom

Get away, Barbara. He's mine. Dead or alive.

Wendy Diamond

Karen is right; big sisters always are. I've discovered the concept of Disengagement which works great. It's a simple(!) matter of defining the boundaries of your personal space as to include only the people/careers/things/money that like rather than reject you. (Well, money is a hard thing to be rejected by, no matter how much zen-ish evolvement you have.) Is there a country music song in this perhaps? "Rejection means there's something left to embrace" sung to the tune of.... ya know.

Wendy Diamond

P.S. There are enough cute old guys around to kiss that you don't have to include the dead ones.


Well, Ann, if you want to reject some of those fabulous boobs you don't know what to do with anymore, I'll take some off your hands...or I mean chest!

debbie robinson(ringerman)

i only have 1 question - how are your boobs 55 and mine are 57 going on 58 and we were in the same group at camp all our lives??? were you lying about your age when we were 8 or are your boobs lying now??
love, debbie


Somehow I missed this most recent blog post until tonight. I clicked on your page to see if maybe, just maybe I'd missed a blog as I was missing your blog and here I am, named in it! And I didn't even have to BEG you to mention me, Ann.

Rejection is incredibly interesting. When I hear the word "rejected" or the word "rejection," my ears perk up. I feel I might learn something. And I know I am about to hear a brave and honest tale when a person tells a story about rejection. Your story here is both.

We all read how failure teaches us more than success, but usually what failure teaches us is "Don't try to do THAT again." It took you a long time to french kiss again. So how was that failure at such tender age helpful? Some people seem to be inspired by competition, but many of us collapse and stop trying, simply feel hot shame and never try again to do something we thought we were good at, something we may very well be incredibly talented at doing.

As a parent, I am constantly trying to figure out how to help my kids try again after they have faced rejection. And I think how, no doubt, my kids hide rejection from me the way I hid most of my rejections from my mother.

As for begging, I've been thinking about it after I brought it up to you, and I decided the thing about begging is we probably only beg people who seem nice and kind to us. We smell that empathy awaits us and it helps us let go of our pride and beg.

Thanks for another great blog, Ann. I beg you to write another soon!

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