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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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Ohhhhh dear. I feel for you, but not a whole lot. You just need to poke Robin (who in my personal opinion is being badly misjudged by Anna) with something kind of sharp and just tell him to get you something lovely. And then you have to get HIM something meaningful and lovely. And then you both give me some meaningful and lovely things and all will be well.

martha spinhirne

I could dance a fandango to Ann's the person that makes the dance and not the name that makes the are definately a fandango


Ah...Ann Brown in a leotard...that mental image is my Valentines present to myself, great post! This year Donovan is in about the only place he could avoid getting into V-day trouble - Tanzania, I'm anticipating a fantastic valentines day for myself because of this!

Wendy Diamond

This is nearly the most hilarious thing I've ever heard Ann say/write. Some friends and I were just riffing on the ups&downs and falsehood of V-day expectations, but no could say it better than Ann. Let's all just ignore the damn thing and maybe it will go away.


Rich and I read this together this morning and I swear, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants - plus, it gave me a chance to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that Rich held no Robin-like illusions about my position on Valentine's Day - as long as we're going to have this stupid holiday, I'm going to exploit it to its full extent and campaign for something sparkly . . .

Adam Klugman

You are a funny woman, Anna Nitrovsky! Laughed my ass off!


I love the way you capture how we all think, "Oh Valentine's Day is so RIDICULOUS!" and then long for romance and ecstasy. Or something. Anything. Unlike you, I tell my children they have to make me a card in which they tell me how wonderful I am so I can put it up on my fridge for all my friends to see. And I tell Robert to make certain we either go out to eat or that he orders in a wonderful meal. I've decided to listen to my inner narcissist. Anyhow, loved your thoughts on this day of commercialized love and squalor.


ann brown - ann brown - ann - ann - ann - ann - ann brown - ann brown
(repeat as necessary)..


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