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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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I spent way too much of today going over alternate ways I could have handled a conversation I had in a dream last night. In a DREAM. So you can just imagine that I am completely with you on this matter of following through vs. letting it go. I will just never be that Zen, alas. (Whether the Scrabble game accepts it or not.)


Damnedest thing about kids and follow through is that my 3 are systematic, detail oriented and orderly. They did NOT learn that from me.

Damnedest thing about men is that they can have conversations like that and not think a thing about it.


I'm counting on your "i will do anything not to be like my parent(s)" approach (read: repeat after me) in hopes that my children will be able to follow through....with something...anything...what was i saying, again?


Robin is Awesomesauce!! He could've given two shits about that girl...... he could smell the salmon in the air being so close to the Willamette..... and it clouded his whole thoughts...

Karen Jackson

My entry for the "Shouldn't my Husband be Mortified?" award is Craig. We share the same email account, and while I was out of town, he read and FORWARDED a ludicrous chain-letter, promising to win them money, to 5 of my friends and family. Before I was even finished writing my apology to them, I was bombarded with emails from all 5 of them, kindly informing me (ME of all people) that these are scams... the crazy thing is that I was mortified, but HE WASN'T! Go figure.

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