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    Never mind that I am so fucking old that I used to babysit for Simon. His blog is awesome, even though I don't really get all the references.
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I love your son's comment about the dog still needing to go to school. Hilarious. I think my kids swear in our basement.


That shit is funny.


Hilarious. And you make me feel so less guilty.

Mair Blatt

You are the only person I know with a bigger potty mouth than me and I have to say... you are right. Mine are 15 & 16 now and guess what? They don't like cussing. Oh... Mitch occasionally throws an "Oh Crap" on the table or "Crap on a Crap-stick", my personal favorite, but their mouths are otherwise pretty darn clean.

Here's the crossroad I'll soon be at. What to do about the grandkids when they come along.

Vesta Van Patten-Dunn

Ok, after I peed my pants laughing, I read this to my husband who thankfully has much more control (bladder and otherwise)than I do. Ann you are sick and twisted in such a delightful way it makes me happy to count you amongst my friends.


You are too funny. Thank you for the monday morning laughs!

Karen Jackson

My comment is directed to my darling daughter, Alia, in response to your comment comment. It should read "THAT SHIT IS FUCKING FUNNY." Haven't I taught you ANYTHING? Love, Mom

Karen Jackson

How do you correct typos on this blog? I did not mean to write "comment comment". FUUUUUUCK!


So if this reverse logic is true should I convert to republicanism for the sake of raising future liberal dems? I fucking hope this works.

Smartass Michelle

Um yeah, so from one potty mouth to another,(and you know it's true 'cuz we dropped a LOT of f-bombs within the hallowed halls of MECC!)I'm in agreement that an R- rated home raises G-rated kids. My girls think it's "swearing" to say "shut up" and "sucks" and "pissed". Seriously! Bailey had a new "friend" over the other day (who happens to be a very cute BOY!!) and Randy lets forth with MOTHER FUCKER!! loud and clear whilst "enjoying" his video game. Bailey was mortified and I suspect the fella was as well...can you hear his dinner conversation with his parents? "How was your visit with Bailey, son?" "Great Mom, but I think her Dad is a trucker."


The dog and the thermometer... ANN this is freaking hilarious!! :) Cracking up!! :) Kerstan

Sarah B.

My daughter has been obsessed with the "mystery" of the F word because her little BFF at school has said it a few times. I think I will now repeat it over and over again until it becomes "uncool". I think you are on to something Ann.

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